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Our Services

Atlantic Engineering Inc. provides services in structural engineering and civil engineering. We coordinate with other professional disciplines from early on in the planning stages in order to ensure the efficient and cost effective solutions are achieved.  Our services also encompass site supervision to ensure quality control during the construction phase of our projects; structural evaluations and restorations of buildings with structural defects.

Structural Analysis & Design

Detailed analysis is essential not only to the integrity of any structure but also to the cost and viability of a project. Atlantic Engineering Inc. carries out detailed analysis of every structure to ensure that the most efficient solution is found.

Structural Engineering analysis, Atlantic Engineering Inc.
Structural remedial work, Atlantic Engineering Inc. Barbados

Structural Evaluations

One of the key services of Atlantic Engineering Inc. is structural evaluations and remedial work. We determine whether any defects are critical to the long term integrity of residential and commercial structures and make detailed recommendations regarding what remedial work is required.

Site Supervision

No structural or civil engineering project can be successfully completed without thorough supervision. At Atlantic Engineering Inc. we carry out inspections of work to ensure that all specifications and structural details are strictly adhered to.

Site supervision, Atlantic Engineering Inc. Barbados
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