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Our Projects

At Atlantic Engineering Inc., we work together with our clients to meet each challenge that comes our way. No matter how complex or involved each new engineering project is, our versatile team has the experience and expertise to know exactly what is required to achieve success. Check out some of our impressive projects.

#48 Mount Gardens, Barbados

#48 Mount Gardens is a modern house constructed of reinforced concrete blockwork walls with a reinforced concrete roof. Ideal for hurricane resistance so important in the Caribbean region.

Residential House, Barbados, Atlantic Engineering Inc.
Community College building under construction, Atlantic Engineering Inc.

St. Vincent & the Grenadines Community College Expansion

The expansion of the St. Vincent & the Grenadines Community College entailed the addition of a new Teachers Block, a new Student Union Building, a new Lecture Theatre/Classroom Block and the general upgrade of the storm water, and sewage collection systems.

The Villages at Coverley, Barbados

The Villages at Coverley is one of the largest residential and commercial developments in Barbados. It consists of over 1,000 housing lots and a commercial centre consisting of shops, offices and a comunity playing field and pavilion. Atlantic Engineering Inc. was responsible for coordinating all of the underground utilities, designing the substructures for the buildings in the Town Centre.

Commercial residential development, Atlantic Engineering, Barbados

El Sol Sureno, Barbados

El Sol Sureno is a condominium complex consisting of thirtysix units. Atlantic Engineering Inc. was reponsible for the structural design of the three blocks and three swimming pools making up the development, as well as the design of the storm water drainage collection system.

Atlantic Marketing Warehouse, Barbados

The new Atlantic Marketing Warehouse was constructed using precast concrete walls, suspended slabs and columns, supported on the innovative precast concrete pocket foundation system. Atlantic Engineering Inc. was responsible for the insitu reinforced concrete beams and slabs on grade tying the pockets together as well as the storm water sewage collection collection systems.

Building substructure, Atlantic Engineering Inc. Barbados

Rubis Service Station, Four Roads, Barbados

Rubis Four Roads is one of the many service stations Atlantic Engineering Inc. has worked on for Rubis West Indies SRL. Our duties included details for the civil works related to the replacement of the fuel tanks and designing the storm water drainage collection system.

Rubis Service Station, Barbados

The Terraces, St. Lawrence Gap, Barbados

This project was constructed of precast concrete walls and floors on an insitu reinforced concrete substructure. Atlantic Engineering Inc. was responsible for designing and detailing the substructure and also the site storm water drainage. The building was constructed on sand just 0.6m above ground water level which made it a challenge we were glad to accept.

Residential Building, Atlantic Engineering Inc. Barbados

Rubis Service Station, Fontabelle, Barbados

Atlantic Engineering Inc. was the lead engineering company and project manager for the Rubis Service Station at Fontabelle. This project included the challenge of installing two new 10,000 gallon fuel tanks below the water table; a challenge we were up to having handled similar installations in the past.

Trinity Business Centre, Barbados

On this project, Atlantic Engineering Inc., the civil and structural engineers for this project, was tasked with reusing some of the structural steel members used in the building which previously occupied this site. We accomplished this goal in an effort to make the overall design as efficient as possible.

Trinity Business Centre, Barbados

ABC Highway Entrance, The Villages at Coverley, Barbados

Atlantic Engineering Inc. was the civil engineering company for the new roundabout  at the ABC Highway entrance to The Villages at Coverley. This project included realigning the highway, modifying existing drainage structures and constructing the roundabout without disruption to traffic.

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